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Antique Stereoview, Photography, Research, and Miscellaneous Links.

This site is for antique photography related and selected antique links only.  I personally review every site on this list for relevance, content, and reputability and order them in a way that hopefully makes sense. It is my intention to make this the best antique photography links page on planet earth! Let me know if I have missed something important. See the email policy at the bottom of the page.


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Auction Central 


  • Vintage and fine art photography auction

  • Jefferson Stereoptics  John Saddy's 3D auctions. John is a great person to do business with! 

  • Bryan Ginns' online auction site in catalogue format. All types of quality images and equipment are listed. 

  • Real nice fine art auction. 

  • Be-hold Larry Gottheim's excellent photographica auction catalogue with subscription info.

Other Important Resources

Recommended Reading from


Stereo Views; An Illustrated History and Price Guide Stereovviews book 
by John Waldsmith. This is a must have book for collectors!

The World of Stereographs
 William C. Darrah. Great scholarly info on stereoviews. No prices but..........



Stereoscopes : The First One Hundred Years by Paul Wing. The only book on stereoscopes. A really great book.

Catalogue of Philippine Stereoviews by Christian Perez  

John Carbutt on the Frontiers of Photography by John Brey


Alfred A. Hart, Artist
by Mead Kibbey, Peter Palmquist (Editor)


Carleton Watkins (In Focus)
by Carleton E. Watkins, J. Paul Getty Museum (Photographer). Paperback (July 1997)


F. Jay Haynes, Photographer
by Montana Historical Society Editors. Hardcover (September 1981)


Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion : All 781 Plates from the 1887 Animal Locomotion Volumes 1-4) by Eadweard Muybridge, Anita V. Mozley (Designer) (Hardcover - July 1979)


Colorado, 1870-2000
by William Henry Jackson, John Fielder (Photographer). Hardcover (August 1999)



An American Journey : The Photography of William England
by Ian Jeffrey. Hardcover (October 1999)


Early Days in the Adirondacks : The Photographs of Seneca Ray Stoddard
by Seneca Ray Stoddard, et al. Hardcover (September 1997)


Egypt and the Holy Land in Historic Photographs : Seventy-Seven Views
by Francis Frith, Julia Van Haaften (Editor). Paperback (May 1985)


Britain Then & Now : The Francis Frith Collection
by Philip Ziegler. Hardcover (October 1999)

Photographers in Arizona 1850-1920 : A History & Directory
by Jeremy Rowe, et al. Hardcover (June 1998)


Kinsey Photographer : A Half Century of Negatives by Darius and Tabitha May Kinsey : With Contributions by Son and Daughter Darius, Jr. and Dorothea
by Dave Bohn(Contributor), Rodolfo Petschek. Hardcover (October 1995)


Collector's Guide to Early Photographs (Collectors Guide Series) by O. Henry Mace. A good book for beginning collectors (and advanced) detailing the many different formats and processes.



Photography and the American Scene; A Social History, 1839-1889.   by Robert Taft. This is a really great book which gives a broad, but detailed and authoritative overview of the first 100 years of photography. It was published in 1938 and is still in print. This is a must for the serious collector's library. Simply the best.


The Civil War in Depth : History in 3-D/With Viewer  by Bob Zeller


Early Photography at Gettysburg
by William A. Frassanito


Mathew Brady: Civil War Photographer
by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk, Elizabeth Van Steenwyk. Paperback (September 1997)

Witness to an Era : The Life and Photographs of Alexander Gardner : The Civil War, Lincoln, and the West
by D. Mark Katz, Mark Katz. Hardcover (April 1999)


Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases and Wall Frames   by Paul K. Berg


Union Cases : A Collector's Guide to the Art of America's First Plastics  by Clifford Krainik and Carl Walvoord

The Scenic Daguerreotype : Romanticism and Early Photography by John Wood, John R. Stilgoe. Truly great outdoor daguerreotypes are shown in this book.


The Silver Canvas :  Daguerreotypes Masterpieces from the J. Paul Getty Museum
by Bates Lowry, Isabel Lowry, J. Paul Getty


American Daguerreotypes : From the Matthew R. Isenburg Collection
by Alan Trachtenberg. Hardcover (November 1989)


The Daguerreotypes of Southworth and Hawes
by Robert A. Sobieszek, et al. Paperback (April 1980)

J.P. Ball : Daguerrean and Studio Photographer
by Deborah Willis (Editor). Hardcover (April 1993)


Dictionary of American Portraits : 4000 Pictures of Important Americans from Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century   by Hayward Circer


Some More Contemporary Masters of Photography


Andre Kertesz (Aperture Masters of Photography, No 11)
by Carole Kismaric, Andre Kertesz (Photographer). Hardcover (November 1993)


Brassai : Images of Culture and the Surrealist Observer (Modernist Studies)
by Marja Warehime. Hardcover (March 1996)


Diane Arbus : An Aperture Monograph
by Diane Arbus, Stan Grossfeld. Paperback (April 1997)


Dorothea Lange : Photographs of a Lifetime
by Dorothea Lange(Photographer), et al. Hardcover (February 1996)


Edward Weston : 1886-1958 (Photo Book Series)
by Edward Weston, et al. Hardcover (April 1999)


Edward Weston : Forms of Passion
by Gilles Mora (Editor), et al. Hardcover (October 1995)


Eikoh Hosoe (Masters of Photography)
by Eiko Hosoe, et al. Hardcover (June 1999)


Elliott Erwitt : On the Beach
by Elliott Erwitt (Photographer). Hardcover (October 1991)


The Essential Duane Michals
by Marco Livingstone, Duane Michals. Hardcover (October 1997)


Eugene Atget : Paris (Masters of the Camera)
by Eugene Atget (Photographer), et al. Hardcover (December 1998)


Henri Cartier-Bresson : Mexican Notebooks 1934-1964
by Henri Cartier-Bresson (Photographer), et al. Hardcover (April 1996)


Henri Cartier-Bresson and the Artless Art
by Jean-Pierre Montier, Henri Cartier-Bresson (Photographer). Hardcover (February 1997)


Imogen Cunningham : The Poetry of Form/Die Poesie Der Form
by Imogen Cunningham, et al. Hardcover (June 1994)


In Focus : Laszlo Moholy-Nagy : Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum
by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Paperback (August 1995)


In Focus : Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum
by Andre Kertesz. Paperback (September 1994)


In Focus: Man Ray
Paperback (February 1999)


Jeanloup Sieff 1950-1990 : Time Will Pass Like Rain
by Jeanloup Sieff. Hardcover (November 1996)


Jerry Uelsmann : Photo Synthesis
by Jerry N. Uelsmann (Photographer), A. D. Coleman. Hardcover (August 1992)
Karsh : A Sixty-Year Retrospective
by Yousuf Karsh. Hardcover (September 1996)


The Last Years of Walker Evans : A First-Hand Account
by Jerry L. Thompson, Walker Evans. Hardcover (November 1997)
Lee Friedlander
by Lee Friedlander (Photographer). Paperback


Lewis W. Hine : Children at Work
by Vicki Goldberg. Hardcover (September 1999)


Man Ray : 1890-1976
by Kate Ware, et al. Hardcover (May 2000)


by Robert Mapplethorpe, Arthur Coleman Danto (Introduction). Hardcover (October 1992)
Margaret Bourke-White: Her Pictures Were Her Life
by Susan Goldman Rubin, Margaret Bourke-White. Hardcover (November 1999)


Mary Ellen Mark : American Odyssey, 1963-1999
by Mary Ellen Mark (Photographer). Hardcover (October 1999)


Minor White : Rites and Passages : His Photographs Accompanied by Excerpts from His Diaries and Letters
by Minor White (Photographer), James Baker Hall (Photographer). Paperback (August 1992)


Philippe Halsman's Jump Book
by Philippe Halsman, et al. Paperback (October 1986)



by Bruce Davidson (Photographer). Hardcover (June 1999)


by Edward Weston (Photographer), et al. Hardcover (October 1995)
Robert Capa/ Photographs : Photographs
by Henri Cartier-Bresson, et al. Hardcover (October 1996)

Roger Fenton : Pasha and Bayadere (Getty Museum Studies on Art)
by Gordon Baldwin, Roger Fenton. Paperback (October 1996)


Scavullo : Photographs 50 Years
by Francesco Scavullo, et al. Hardcover (October 1997)
Skrebneski : The First Fifty Years Photographs : 1949-1999
by Victor Skrebneski (Photographer), Robert A. Sobieszek. Hardcover (December 1999)
Stieglitz : A Memoir/Biography
by Sue Davidson Lowe. Hardcover (February 1983)


by Bill Owens, et al. Hardcover


Tete a Tete : Portraits by Henri Cartier-Bresson
by Henri Cartier-Bresson, E. H. Gombrich (Introduction). Hardcover (September 1998)


by Diane Arbus (Photographer), et al. Hardcover (September 1995)


Us and Them
by Helmut Newton (Photographer), Alice Springs. Hardcover (June 1999)


W. Eugene Smith : Photographs 1934-1975
by W. Eugene Smith (Photographer), et al. Hardcover (October 1998)


Walker Evans
by Walker Evans, et al. Hardcover (March 2000)


Weegee : Naked New York
by Weegee, et al. Hardcover (October 1997)


by Annie Leibovitz, Susan Sontag. Hardcover (November 1999)


Wynn Bullock (Aperture Masters of Photography)
by Wynn Bullock (Photographer), David Fuess. Hardcover (May 1999)



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